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  1. Ben
    Ben at |

    I have no idea if this will work but at least the Koreans are finding creative ways to try to get KE to wake the F up and improve training/safety. I’m in favor of this.

    1. gobluetwo
      gobluetwo at |

      Asiana is OZ. KE is Korean Air. Unless you’re suggesting that they’re sending a message to KE by suspending OZ.

  2. Ben
    Ben at |

    Right. Of course. That’s what I get for posting right when I wake up. 🙂

  3. David
    David at |

    If this happens, LAX-ICN OZ will be BUSY! At least the 380 is used on this route.

  4. aussie flyer
    aussie flyer at |

    Are you suggesting Asiana fly 44000 people a day to san francisco?

  5. DaninMCI
    DaninMCI at |

    Take that SFO. Don’t make us punish you anymore.

    This seems so silly. I know the airline will lose revenue but at the cost of passengers and routes. Seems so odd. How about just a fine.

  6. Good service
    Good service at |

    This must be one of the most idiotic punishments I’ve ever heard of.

    SFO gets its sea wall mangled, loses all sort of revenue from cancelled flights on that day and gets rewarded by … 45 days of loss of revenue from that flight?

    And passengers booked during those 45 days… why do they need the disruption placed on them?

    Fine OZ $20m and be done with it.

    Some bureaucracies are very puzzling to me!