JetBlue TrueBlue adds South African Airways as earning partner

Earning TrueBlue points just got a little bit easier for long-haul travelers. JetBlue has expanded on its code-share partnership with South African Airways to now allow earning to TrueBlue points for travel on SAA-operated flights. Similarly, all JetBlue-operated flights are now eligible for earning in the SAA Voyager program. The partnership does not include redemption options on the partner carrier yet; that is expected to happen starting next year according to the statement issued today.


For TrueBlue members flying on South African Airways the earning rates are as follows:

  • Business (C, J, Z, D): 1 Point / mile + 25% bonus
  • Economy (Y, B, M, K, H, S, Q): 1 Point / mile
  • Discounted Economy (T, V, L, W, G): 1 Point / 2 miles


These rates are similar to what SAA offers to many other partners for earning.

For Voyager members flying on JetBlue the earning rates are as follows:

  • 125% Miles flown in J C D I class fares
  • 100% Miles flown in Y E K H Q B L V R W M class fares
  • 50% Miles flown in Z O U S P class fares.
  • No Miles in X T N class fares

This is a pretty solid offer from JetBlue and South African Airways. And I’m cautiously optimistic that that redemption part will follow a structure similar to other agreements each carrier has today which means they won’t necessarily be great for the true aspirational award but also that they will still be reasonable in what is rapidly becoming a revenue-based loyalty travel industry. Plus I’ve got quite a stash of TrueBlue points right now so coming up with more partner redemption options is always something I’m in favor of.

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