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  1. Joey
    Joey at |

    If you take the KLM option, would you credit the flights to Delta?

  2. Points with a Crew
    Points with a Crew at |

    Thanks for the post Seth – I really enjoy reading about people’s real-life plans and how they explore all of the different options for getting where they need to go

  3. Zakon
    Zakon at |

    Why not exploit the goodness of our favorite non-US award program instead? That’s by far the best option.

  4. Andrew
    Andrew at |

    Brilliant! I considered doing this for all of my trips to Europe because it seems that prices from Europe always seem to be better than prices From NA for my destinations. But I also call home to an expensive airport. Nice read!

  5. Brian Cohen
    Brian Cohen at |

    Welcome to my world, Seth…

  6. Chris
    Chris at |

    Really interesting! And if you do make it to Japan, let’s grab a coffee together!