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  1. Adam Minter
    Adam Minter at |

    Nope. I’ve been Diamond or Platinum with Delta for years now, flying economy almost exclusively. I spend enough on the Delta Amex to not worry about the MQDs, but the constant shrinkage of benefits has brought me to the realization that I come out ahead if I stop worrying about flying them, and just choose the cheapest ticket, and then pay for the benefits I get from my status (bags, economy comfort, pre-boarding). In fact, it’s not even close, especially on most international routes. I’m not sure if Delta and United cares. Maybe they really do want to maintain their status programs for their top paying customers, and only top paying customers. If so, they’re succeeding nicely.

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  3. ken
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    Solution is simple, take out/ retain a chase explorer visa card and spend $25k in 2015 and pqd requirement for 2016 is waived.

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  5. Bob
    Bob at |

    I have no problems meeting the revenue generally (unless my job changes of course), however I’m just looking forward to getting my MM status next year. I agree with you, they have no creativity in this program and they make no differentiation between UA and their main competitor DL. Disappointing for sure.