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  1. patricia
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    and to re-iterate that AA will be significantly shrinking their premium cabin sizes on the 77E

  2. Oliver2002
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    Most of the 2 billion is the money they are spending on new aircraft coming into the fleet :p. They are badly behind on renewing the fleet, as capex was frozen to stay afloat post 9/11. Which explains the limited network you mention.

  3. AnonCHI
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    For Economy Passengers, I suspect “refreshed” means no more than (a) new planes have AVOD, (b) newly upholstered seats, (c) Boeing Sky Interior / other thing to make it “feel nicer”.

    Seat pitch, quality of seat, and other real passenger comfort items will not be improved in any way. AA is already reducing MCE seating capacity on 738s substantially meaning they aren’t selling many non-status passengers up to it.

  4. Ryan
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    Well, I guess better late than never – but it is amusing to see how their PR department spins such things.

    What do you mean AA has a limited international network? AA can fly you anywhere in the world, so long as it’s LHR! 🙂

  5. Max M
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    Despite the meal “enhancements” on November 18th, Mr. Fernandez needs to realize a coach meal plated on First Class plates does not mean it’s still up to the quality of meals pre-September 1st.

    AA still has a long way to go in improving its domestic First meals to what they used to be.

  6. Bill
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    My most important airline consideration is the ability to get premium award seats (1 or 2 if traveling with my husband) with true lay-flat capacity and decent IFE on the easiest nonstop or direct routes possible to my intended destination–with a preference for true First as opposed to Business whenever possible. As much flack as UA takes, it is the only major US carrier which fulfills all of these requirements. FIRST, UA might not have the nicest First, but it has far more First (for the time being) than AA, and DL doesn’t even have First. SECOND, when I can’t get First, UA and DL both have lay-flat business seats throughout its entire long-haul international fleet (and have for 2+ years), while AA is hoping to achieve this sometime in 2016. THIRD, UA has award availability on all of its routes for First/Business much more readily than AA or DL does. AA has terrible availability for First/Business in comparison, even if UA requires more miles. DL has terrible availability and usually is just as many if not more miles for its premium awards. So far, everyone’s seeming preference for AA over UA is misplaced in my opinion. UA has served us very well wherever we need to go with premium awards on UA or on Star partner airlines. AA has served us rarely (only when flying LAX-MIA actually), though we’ve used Avios (Amex MR & Chase UR transfers) to get CX and LAN flights when their routes are more direct. DL serves us RARELY (only twice, when we flew ATL-Rome and when we flew JFK-TLV). The few times we’ve flown DL BusinessElite, we didn’t think it was so different from UA BusinessFirst, though the food/drink was better (but not so much better that it matters enough to us compared to the seat/IFE. We live south of LAX, so UA serves us better from the West Coast than any other US airline. The choices may be better/different on the East Coast or Midwest, but from the West Coast (except now from SEA with DL’s expansion there), UA is still our best choice.

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