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  1. Henry K
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    Thanks for the reflections and the laughs. While I have never flown Southwest and don’t expect to in the near future, I did fly AirTran once. In 2003 i needed to attend a meeting in Williamsburg, VA. A friend told me that you could take AirTran from LGA to Norfolk/ Newport News direct and upgrade to First Class for $35 when you check-in. I thought that was rather strange so when I did check-in and asked for any upgrade availability, sure enough I was told that for $35 I could do so. I met my friend at the gate and boarded a new plane seating 20 in First Class and we were the only two people there. Coach was sold out but no one else would spend $35 for a first class seat with complimentary drinks and snacks. We had a great time for the price, and there was just something so very “down to earth” about the flight attendants.

    It is sad to think that smaller airlines like AirTran are all but gone now.