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  1. Matt
    Matt at |

    Unsurprisingly, is the notable omission of Hilton from the list. While Gold and Diamond members do reveive free Wifi, the speeds are horrendous unless you pay for “Premium” service. Going to be hard to beat Hyatt in this current race.

  2. Vicente
    Vicente at |

    This is TERRIBLE. Why?

    Marriott is applying to FCC to be able to BLOCK non-Marriott hotspots!

    The reasons should be obvious. They want to corral everyone to their “free” WiFi, which at the “free” level is terribly slow and only going to get worse when everyone is now on it. Then of course it’s not satisfactory for voice or video, they upsell you to the paid level.

    I often use 4G/LTE data off my phone to work around the pitiful hotel services.

    Better to stop calling it “free” and call it “included”. And if Marriott gets it’s way it’ll be mandatory, like airlines adding “fuel surcharges” or “miscellaneous” to your fare.

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