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  1. Joey
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    I went to my friend’s ordination at St. Patrick’s cathedral in late May this year and it was simply amazing. Only 6 people were ordained but the entire cathedral was packed (yes it was under renovation but still…) I think that’s the only ordination I’ll ever get invited to so I made sure to attend. Ok ok he was one of my closest friends back in high school so I definitely made sure to attend it. The reception was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before since it was like a wedding reception but it’s rare for me to see nuns and priests dance to pop music!

  2. Neil
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    That’s so funny. In late October I went to see a friend of mine installed as the Anglican priest in Nice. I am religious about points and miles only, but the church knows how to put on a spectacle so it was thoroughly enjoyable five days and who would pass up a chance to visit Nice? It was meant to be – BA was offering those $2,000 biz class fares, the AARP discount worked and there was some 20,000 mile promotion going on. Coming back to Dulles on the BA A380 was heavenly ….