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  1. Greg
    Greg at |

    Why not use your data to get a real average value per point, instead of relying on ‘experts’?

    Love the tool. Prioritize getting Hilton / Hyatt in there over dealing with theoretical point values.

  2. Maureen
    Maureen at |


    Liking “Hotel Hustle” a lot & will trying using it for previously booked award stays & see how well I did/didn’t do!
    You are right & Hotel “Hotness” factor is not right for your site & a little too Paris Hilton for most of your followers. How about go manly Marine & use “hooray” instead. Serves well as indication of a positive win, score, YES!, etc., no matter how your readers pronounce it.


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  4. P.L
    P.L at |

    dude. this is really cool. Thanks for the amazing tools you build!

  5. Colin
    Colin at |

    I really love the concept. I’ve tried a few searches and I find that in some situations I’m very location sensitive so if there was any way to filter the results based on where the map is zoomed to that would be perfect. But adding Hilton and Hyatt is probably a priority over that still.

  6. S Kumar
    S Kumar at |

    I did a search for 94111 (San Francisco embarcadero/financial district), it returned lot of results – from San Jose to Santa Rosa to Davis. It would be nice to filter or sort by distance.

    “I actually put a bit of effort into the UI to make it look a bit nicer than most of my tools.” – Your tools are great, but you should hire a UI designer 🙂

  7. Martin W.
    Martin W. at |

    I tried “SEA” for 12/24/14 – 01/01/15 and came up with “No data available in table”. The map was zoomed out to 500 nm radius, centered on Seattle.

    Then I tried Zip Code: 98103 (also in Seattle) for 12/24/14 – 01/01/15, and came up with the map centered west of Gabon and the Congo in the Atlantic Ocean.

    Keep at it please, it IS going to be great!!

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