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  1. nighttripper
    nighttripper at |

    Seth – thanks for a great year of your writing contributions. please keep the quantitative analysis pieces coming!

  2. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    Did you maintain 1K status on UA?

  3. Nicole
    Nicole at |

    Wow! Great blog!
    Assuming you jumped on the Eithad Abu and HK fares. I tried to pull the trigger but with these danged kids it wasn’t to be. Looking forward to following your 2015 travels and maybe a little Pho in NY this summer!

    Happy New Year!

  4. Alan
    Alan at |

    cant believe i have flown more than you. i had done 320K in 2014 – my best year ever. i dont think i will ever top that as programs are going to revenue based and mileage running is dying. fortunately, i am set for 1k for 2016 by Feb 27 with some good fare. 3 trips to Lebanon and 1 trip to Greece, one trip to Japan via HK and one positioning trip from HK on a W fare. with award travel, i may be able to get 200k in 2015..

  5. Greg
    Greg at |

    Great post! We flew almost the same number miles this year–199,085 for me with 87 segments. About 4 times more than last year, thanks to mistake fares and mileage running.