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  1. ed
    ed at |

    wohoo the first

  2. Steven
    Steven at |

    Oh , this seems fun.

  3. Michael Kelly
    Michael Kelly at |

    Now, that’s a very generous offer

  4. Michael
    Michael at |

    Thanks for the giveaway. Consider me entered. 🙂

  5. Tracy S
    Tracy S at |

    Yes, I’d love to receive a Box Of Mystery Swag. 🙂

  6. Dan
    Dan at |

    Thanks Seth!

  7. tcook
    tcook at |

    It’s another boxing day! I’m always up for travel swag.

  8. Up&Away
    Up&Away at |

    A win would be a good way to start the year!

  9. SMD
    SMD at |

    My wife would enjoy getting this package!

  10. Kevin
    Kevin at |

    Here goes nothing 🙂

  11. Nicole Giranda
    Nicole Giranda at |

    So fun!! Happy new year!!!

  12. Josh
    Josh at |

    Thanks and Happy New Year!

  13. Michael
    Michael at |

    Great way to kick off another year of travel!

  14. Jose Gonzalez
    Jose Gonzalez at |

    Thanks for consideration

  15. Pritesh
    Pritesh at |

    seems to be great gift idea and a wonderful start of new year.

    Wishing you and family happy and prosperouse new year

    1. Kelly sargent
      Kelly sargent at |

      I would love to win some swag! Hope you have a great year and safe travels!

  16. Sara Clayton
    Sara Clayton at |

    Winner!! What a great way to start the new year!

  17. Tom
    Tom at |

    Can’t wait to get an e-ail from you to get my new year going!

  18. Debra
    Debra at |

    Happy new year!

  19. Rings
    Rings at |

    Very generous Seth. Thanks.

  20. Yigal
    Yigal at |

    Pick me! 🙂

  21. Skywardbd
    Skywardbd at |

    Oh fun!!!!!

  22. Naulik Patel
    Naulik Patel at |

    I am in !!!!!

  23. Fabio
    Fabio at |

    Come on….needed to be a winner on January 1st 🙂

  24. Russell
    Russell at |

    Pick Me!!!!!

  25. Mickey Patel
    Mickey Patel at |

    Why should I be left out????

  26. Jeremy
    Jeremy at |

    Yay, box!

  27. renee
    renee at |

    I would love a mystery box! Thanks, and have a happy New Year.

  28. P T
    P T at |

    I love random stuff. Be fun to surprise family members.

  29. Ron Anson
    Ron Anson at |

    Aha! So it’s that last Christmas present under the tree with no tag on it. Who gets it? Sounds like fun.

  30. Mark Godsey
    Mark Godsey at |

    This is awesome! Happy new year!

  31. Trevor
    Trevor at |

    That’s a great way to start the new year off – cleaning house (or apartment!)

  32. Naveen
    Naveen at |

    Who wouldn’t want a mystery box?! Bring on the swag!

  33. Evan
    Evan at |

    A mystery box!! Exciting!!

  34. Dru
    Dru at |

    I fly vicariously through you, so this would make it feel even more real. Thanks.

  35. Austin
    Austin at |

    Sounds like fun!

  36. Andrew C
    Andrew C at |

    sounds good!

  37. Hilary
    Hilary at |

    Yes please. I want a mysery box!

  38. Ben
    Ben at |

    Do first class member get better chances?

  39. DebbieT
    DebbieT at |

    And who doesn’t love airline swag?? Thanks!

  40. Mac
    Mac at |

    Wow! Would make a great gift for a good friend for new year’s!

  41. Mark
    Mark at |

    mystery box sounds fun!

  42. Dr. Wanderlust
    Dr. Wanderlust at |

    Wow!! That is really cool of you!!! Welcome to 2015 everyone!! #winning #wootwoot

  43. Kevin
    Kevin at |

    Thanks for offering this!

  44. J
    J at |

    I’m in!

  45. Ms. M
    Ms. M at |

    Send one my way please! Just like Christmas all over again.

    1. beef
      beef at |

      happy new year!

  46. Ram
    Ram at |

    Sounds great!!

  47. doug singer
    doug singer at |

    grab bag gift!

  48. LoneSailor
    LoneSailor at |

    This is what I call winning! Great blog and gifts?!?! C’mon!

  49. Charlie
    Charlie at |

    Happy new year! Hope I win!

  50. Aj
    Aj at |

    Fingers crossed!

  51. Carol
    Carol at |

    What a lovely thing to do! Happy New Year.

  52. Bret
    Bret at |

    Happy New Year!

  53. Donna EArley
    Donna EArley at |

    Always enjoy your posts, happy
    Travels in the new year

  54. Lori
    Lori at |

    I probably don’t need more stuff either but why on earth would I let that stop me. Happy New Year!

  55. Carl
    Carl at |

    Happy New Year! What a generous and fun way to begin the year:)

  56. Stuart
    Stuart at |

    Very generous, thanks and Happy New Years!

  57. Peetah
    Peetah at |


  58. Nick Sperrazza
    Nick Sperrazza at |

    im in

  59. chris
    chris at |

    thank you!!

  60. JasonP
    JasonP at |

    Happy new year!! Looks like some early spring cleaning!!

  61. hannah
    hannah at |

    I love surprises!

  62. Kevin C
    Kevin C at |

    I’m in! Happy new Year!

  63. Wembleygal
    Wembleygal at |

    Sounds like fun !

  64. Amit
    Amit at |

    Christmas is early in 2015!!

  65. Rodeojones
    Rodeojones at |

    Yes please!!

  66. Jacob Cohen
    Jacob Cohen at |

    I would appreciate a box!

  67. Flyer On a Budget
    Flyer On a Budget at |

    Happy New Years! Cheers

  68. Tanya
    Tanya at |

    this is like spinning the wheel for travel goodies!

  69. Matthew
    Matthew at |

    Hi Seth, thanks as always for everything. Also, I’d like a box. Thanks!

  70. Kabukijuul
    Kabukijuul at |

    Happy New Year! Thanks for doing this!

  71. tiffany l
    tiffany l at |

    awesome giveaway!

  72. alicia
    alicia at |

    In the hat!

  73. Randy
    Randy at |

    I love travel surprises.

  74. Candace
    Candace at |

    I love surprises! Thanks!

  75. Steve
    Steve at |

    I could always use some more airline junk… 🙂

  76. mason
    mason at |

    thanks for the giveaway!

  77. Michele adams
    Michele adams at |

    Any of it would be a neat surprise !

  78. Joe-SC1
    Joe-SC1 at |

    Who couldn’t use more travel-related stuff? Happy New Year! Cheers.

  79. Karl P
    Karl P at |

    Happy New Year!

    Thanks for your being so generous!

  80. BOShappyflyer
    BOShappyflyer at |

    Mystery swag. I love it. Thanks!

  81. Brian
    Brian at |

    thanks Seth!

  82. Jono
    Jono at |

    I never win anything but here’s hoping!

  83. Jon P
    Jon P at |

    This is awesome Seth…here’s to an adventurous 2015!

  84. Ben
    Ben at |

    Love random surprises.

  85. Rae
    Rae at |

    I’d like to enter.

  86. Carlye J Lehnen
    Carlye J Lehnen at |

    Generous of you to share and how fun! Old with the old, in with the new! Happy New Year!

  87. coptermedic
    coptermedic at |

    I would like some swag, please

  88. Diane S.
    Diane S. at |

    Happy New Year! Nice way to start 2015.

  89. Adam
    Adam at |

    Santa will come late for this Jewish boy?

  90. Melvin
    Melvin at |

    Mystery box post-Xmas present? Wonderful!!

  91. Stephen F
    Stephen F at |

    Great way to start the new year right!

  92. Colin
    Colin at |

    I’d love something!

  93. HiIslands
    HiIslands at |

    Wow, Seth! Great way to start the new year! Have a happy one.

  94. IM
    IM at |

    I’m in for the contest. Kudos for the generous idea!!

  95. Mike
    Mike at |

    Happy New Year.

  96. HC
    HC at |

    Giving this a try!

  97. al
    al at |

    I like stuff!

  98. Dexter Lee
    Dexter Lee at |

    Let’s see if this works. 🙂

  99. Jean
    Jean at |

    nice way to start the New Year! Thanks for the opportunity!

  100. William Muckelroy
    William Muckelroy at |

    No whammies, please and thank you.

  101. mowogo
    mowogo at |

    All of the gifts look good and have their uses

  102. swag
    swag at |

    Cool. I haven’t gotten a box of random crap since Woot got so popular.

  103. Trent
    Trent at |

    One of these random boxes would go excellently in my collection of random junk 🙂

  104. bob charlap
    bob charlap at |

    thank you….count me in!

  105. sam
    sam at |

    oh boy would luv a box of goodies!

  106. Gregory
    Gregory at |

    Thanks for all the giveaways!

  107. Steve
    Steve at |


  108. Julie
    Julie at |

    How fun! Thanks for doing this, and Happy New Year!

  109. Mal muir
    Mal muir at |

    Pick me pick me!

  110. Alex N
    Alex N at |

    This is awesome! Happy New Year!

  111. Scott
    Scott at |

    This will be a nice start to ’15!!

  112. Brandon B
    Brandon B at |

    Surprises are the best! Happy New Year!

  113. Ben S
    Ben S at |

    Pick me! Pick me!

  114. Mary M
    Mary M at |

    Thanks for fun way to start the New Year.

  115. Chris
    Chris at |

    Nice, thanks

  116. Debra D
    Debra D at |

    Happy 2015…and happy cleaning 🙂

  117. Jaspreet Singh
    Jaspreet Singh at |

    Seems like a fun idea! Happy new year!

  118. Peter
    Peter at |

    This is like Woot’s grab bags! Awesome!

  119. Drew
    Drew at |

    I’m in. Please pick me

  120. Ross gale
    Ross gale at |

    oh yes more airline junk! 🙂

  121. FF
    FF at |

    Very generous of you!

  122. Matt C
    Matt C at |

    Spring cleaning in January…great idea!

  123. Divyesh
    Divyesh at |

    what a great idea!

  124. Susan
    Susan at |

    Thanks Seth! That would be a fun surprise.

  125. M
    M at |

    Pick me!

  126. Bernadette
    Bernadette at |

    FF SWAG bag. Fun idea! Thx for the offer. Keep posting your great ideas and Happy New Year 2015.

  127. Jay
    Jay at |


  128. Phil
    Phil at |

    I’d like a random box of travel related stuff.

  129. Marion
    Marion at |

    Late arrival – I had to watch the Rose Parade before doing anything else.

    Seth, you are wrong about Singapore, it’s a wonderful place to visit. Food, gardens and mudskippers: perfect

  130. Shana
    Shana at |

    My husband will not appreciate the additional stuff in our apartment, but I will! Thanks!

  131. James
    James at |

    LOL fingers crossed!! Thanks for the swag and happy New Year!

  132. Dia
    Dia at |

    I can use the jump start for FT4RL prizes. Thanks for the giveaway.

  133. JRG
    JRG at |

    Send it!

    Thanks for your generosity!

  134. Derek
    Derek at |

    Swag is a good thing

  135. Todd
    Todd at |

    Thanks for offer Seth, love the blog. T.

  136. James
    James at |

    Thanks for the generosity Seth!

  137. Larry Stanteen
    Larry Stanteen at |

    Random surprises are fun!

  138. Broc
    Broc at |

    I didn’t get an amenity kit on my last international flight, so maybe luck will make good a few days later! Seth, I’m glad to help clean up your house w/o actually helping!

  139. Ralph
    Ralph at |

    I’m in for a random surprise. Fun way to kickoff the New Year

  140. Joey
    Joey at |

    white elephant surprise! yay!

  141. Quincy Allen
    Quincy Allen at |

    You’re awesome. Would love to win one… Thanks for doing this! 🙂

  142. GordonL
    GordonL at |

    Mystery gifts are the best. Thanks!

  143. Mary Cooke
    Mary Cooke at |

    Happy New Year and thanks!

  144. Lea
    Lea at |

    I’m feelin’ lucky!

  145. Jesse
    Jesse at |

    I love surprises! My address is…

  146. Seth A
    Seth A at |

    Cool of you to do this!

  147. Harlan
    Harlan at |

    Thanks much for the generous offer — have a great 2015!

  148. Mark
    Mark at |

    What a way to start off the new year!! Thanks

  149. John B
    John B at |

    Hey Seth! Happy new Year! Thanks for entering me in your contest. Cheers

  150. Andrew P
    Andrew P at |

    Happy New Year!

  151. David
    David at |

    Yahoo! Happy new year!

  152. William
    William at |

    very nice offer Seth!

  153. Evan
    Evan at |

    Thanks and Happy New year

  154. Rick Zheng
    Rick Zheng at |

    Howdy! Can’t say no to freebies!

  155. Jim F.
    Jim F. at |

    Thanks for playing Santa Claus!

  156. Mark
    Mark at |

    Count me in, appreciate the offer, as well as the regular posts.

  157. Kevin
    Kevin at |

    Pick me!

  158. Neil
    Neil at |

    One man’s trash is another man’s free stuff.

  159. Kadence
    Kadence at |

    Happy New Year! Thanks Seth.

  160. Brent
    Brent at |


  161. Rayn
    Rayn at |

    I really wish to have that birch box. But, hey, any giveaway are great stuff!

  162. ryan b
    ryan b at |

    This is like a white elephant gift exchange –

  163. Scott
    Scott at |

    Hit me up.

  164. Britta
    Britta at |

    Thank you very much for your generosity.

  165. FormalHall
    FormalHall at |

    Love to win.

  166. matt
    matt at |

    All take something off you hands

  167. Nigel
    Nigel at |

    Thanks, Seth. Hopefully your junk will become my treasure.

  168. Oliver
    Oliver at |


  169. Rpg
    Rpg at |

    I’ll be glad to help you clean out

  170. JS
    JS at |


  171. Hayden
    Hayden at |


  172. Mandrake
    Mandrake at |

    I’m in for a mystery prize!

  173. MDR
    MDR at |

    Boxing Day, re-imagined. I like it.

  174. Helixcardinal
    Helixcardinal at |

    It’s like a woot off bag o’ crap! I’m in!

  175. john
    john at |

    Thanks for the offer. There’s still room in my big pile of travel-related crap for more.

  176. Stefan
    Stefan at |

    I would love one!!

  177. Marvin
    Marvin at |

    Count me in!

  178. Beth
    Beth at |

    Who doesn’t love a mystery box?! happy New Year.

  179. Walt
    Walt at |

    It’s either this or the megamillions lottery jackpot.

  180. AV
    AV at |

    nice! my travel goodies collection need topping up…

  181. Abhishek D
    Abhishek D at |

    Happy New Year and thanks for the opportunity!

  182. Natalie
    Natalie at |

    Thank you Seth!

  183. dale r
    dale r at |

    Ohhh count me in

  184. SEABrad
    SEABrad at |

    Nice gesture Seth! Still remember catching you in PDX on my 3rd trip of PDX-LGA. Haven’t done a run like that in a while…

  185. lc
    lc at |

    Giving it a try!

  186. Matthew
    Matthew at |

    Looking forward to another year of posts!

  187. Helen
    Helen at |

    Wow that’s a lot of goodies!

  188. Eric
    Eric at |


  189. John Spence
    John Spence at |

    thanks so much and happy new year

  190. Greg
    Greg at |

    Send one my way. Thanks

  191. Wendy
    Wendy at |

    happy new year

  192. Sam
    Sam at |

    Would love some goodies! Thank you

  193. Sharon Jones
    Sharon Jones at |

    A little goodie would be so nice……I love surprises!

  194. Tom
    Tom at |

    Count me in!

  195. Darrell Roch
    Darrell Roch at |

    Would love to see what I hopefully get

  196. Nicole
    Nicole at |

    Fun! I’m in!

  197. Evan
    Evan at |

    Thanks! Pick me!

  198. Max
    Max at |

    Thanks for doing this!

  199. Martin W.
    Martin W. at |

    Happy to help you De-Clutter!

    Happy New Year!

  200. Vinh
    Vinh at |


  201. carolyn
    carolyn at |


  202. theSuperStar
    theSuperStar at |


  203. Pam
    Pam at |

    Winning one would really make my day!!!!!

  204. Nicole @ LibertyBellesBlog
    Nicole @ LibertyBellesBlog at |

    wow this is fun! thanks!

  205. Jane Schwalm
    Jane Schwalm at |

    This would really begin 2015 off to a great start. Thanks for the generous offer.

  206. Chuck
    Chuck at |

    Fun! Count me in 🙂

    All the best for 2015! Happy new year!

  207. Tom Hanson
    Tom Hanson at |

    I’m in. Happy New Year!

  208. John Yokim
    John Yokim at |

    Thanks for the great offer. Much appreciated as a way to begin 2015.

  209. David simkin
    David simkin at |

    Keep up the great work. I have learned about by reading your posts. Happy New Year!!

  210. Jason
    Jason at |

    Sounds fun; I like surprises!

  211. Jeffrey
    Jeffrey at |

    Surprise me, Seth!

  212. Lindsay
    Lindsay at |

    Please pick me!

  213. Ho
    Ho at |

    Happy new year!

  214. P.L
    P.L at |

    Thank you, sir!

  215. Brian D.
    Brian D. at |

    Could use some fun travel stuff, sign me up!

  216. Sharon
    Sharon at |

    ooohhh, a mystery box!! Please count me in

  217. Mark D.
    Mark D. at |

    I am intrigued by the idea that you have no idea what is in the boxes and I want in.

  218. Bettymcga
    Bettymcga at |

    What a great way to start the new year! Thank you for being so generous. I am new to miles/points collecting and am enjoying all of your advice and help.

  219. Tim
    Tim at |

    Avid reader – hope I make the random draw!

  220. r hirsch
    r hirsch at |

    let random randomly randomize me!

  221. JohnB
    JohnB at |

    I really enjoy your posts. So, enter me please!

  222. DaninMCI
    DaninMCI at |

    What a great idea. Next time instead of a garage sale I’ll just have a blog give away 🙂

  223. Laura
    Laura at |

    Definitely want in on this. May the stars align.

  224. Melanie
    Melanie at |

    im interested!

  225. Ruby E
    Ruby E at |

    I’m in 🙂

  226. Keith H
    Keith H at |

    Great way to start a new year – thanks!

  227. Dkahane
    Dkahane at |

    Swag! I’m in!

  228. Vitaly
    Vitaly at |

    Like a free fukuburuku bag. Would be fun to open one up!

  229. Dan
    Dan at |

    Great way to kick off the new year! I would love to win some swag! Thanks!

  230. Larry
    Larry at |

    I could use some new ditty bags.

  231. Deborah
    Deborah at |

    Sounds like fun! Count me in!

  232. Chris Tung
    Chris Tung at |

    I’m in!

  233. Brian Stires
    Brian Stires at |

    It’s always cool to read about your trips and crazy flights. Happy to take some of your swag, and not just the articles and stories…

  234. iamalighthouse
    iamalighthouse at |

    I’m in!! Happy New Year!

  235. Art
    Art at |

    Going to France next month, hope I get picked.

  236. FullMoon
    FullMoon at |

    Love the randomness!

  237. Peter
    Peter at |

    Yes please!

  238. KYBOSH
    KYBOSH at |

    Winner winner chicken dinner

  239. KYBOSH's Wife
    KYBOSH's Wife at |

    2 for the show…

  240. Kat
    Kat at |

    hope to get lucky xx

  241. Aarash
    Aarash at |

    …I could use a USPS box of random stuff!

  242. Elizabeth Haglund
    Elizabeth Haglund at |

    Love these games!!!

  243. Terrie K.
    Terrie K. at |

    Thanks…great to recycle and we all love swag!

  244. Eddy
    Eddy at |

    Count me in. Thanks in advance and happy new year!

  245. Bhanik
    Bhanik at |

    Happy new year. Hope to win some swag in the new year

  246. Pertti Hakkinen
    Pertti Hakkinen at |

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter this giveaway.

  247. SW
    SW at |

    I’m in, happy new year!

  248. Y dada
    Y dada at |

    I would love to have one of the travel kits

  249. Henry
    Henry at |

    ooh … kinda like a secret santa without the secret … a mystery box sounds fun!

    happy new year!

  250. Henry
    Henry at |

    ooh … kinda like a secret santa without the secret … a mystery box sounds fun!

    happy new year! thanks for the opportunity! (feel free to delete earlier entries, if they exist).

  251. Matt
    Matt at |

    Nice swag! I could never turn down a chance at a mystery box, so I’m so in.

  252. Jeff
    Jeff at |

    Wow, at least I get one present for Christmas

  253. Denise
    Denise at |

    Hi Seth and Happy New Year! I’d love to be in on this drawing! Thank you!

  254. Alan
    Alan at |

    Happy New Year, Seth. This drawing is very cool! Thanks for the opportunity!

  255. .Q
    .Q at |

    I’ll take a chance on a mystery box.

  256. scott
    scott at |

    wow, what a fun way to start off the year!

  257. Brittain
    Brittain at |

    Fingers crossed

  258. Sice
    Sice at |

    Shoplifters of the world, Unite and Take Over!

  259. manish
    manish at |

    Happy New Year; Would love to win one.

  260. Scott
    Scott at |

    I like airline goodies!

  261. Mikki
    Mikki at |

    Score. I’m in. Thanks!

  262. Lanny
    Lanny at |

    Hi Seth… Can I be counted in for the drawing? Love to see some travel swag.

    Thank you. Lanny

  263. Christel
    Christel at |

    What a generous giveaway. Happy New Year!

  264. Cathy
    Cathy at |

    What aa great offer. Thanks and Happy New Year!

  265. Eoin Kilkenny
    Eoin Kilkenny at |

    Happy New Year

  266. Rich C
    Rich C at |

    Sweet! Need some goodies

  267. Steve
    Steve at |

    I have really enjoyed reading your blog in the six months I have known about it. Happy New Year!

  268. Chris
    Chris at |

    I’m in for a box o’ stuff.

  269. Todd
    Todd at |

    Sounds like fun!

  270. Paul
    Paul at |

    Better than Secret Santa

  271. Teddy
    Teddy at |

    Aaanndd, I’m in. 🙂 Thanks for holding the giveaway.

  272. Dwi S
    Dwi S at |

    What fun! I’m always up for some randomness in my life.

  273. Nachshol
    Nachshol at |

    Awesome idea!

  274. JacobM
    JacobM at |

    Yes please!

  275. David
    David at |

    Thanks seth

  276. Buck
    Buck at |

    I always wanted a random box of swag

  277. AgSweep
    AgSweep at |

    I’m in.

  278. Girl
    Girl at |

    sounds fun!

  279. Groobie
    Groobie at |

    I’m always down for random stuff! 🙂 LOL #NotAHoarder

  280. Nick H
    Nick H at |

    Why not?

  281. Gabriel
    Gabriel at |

    Pick me!

  282. Brett
    Brett at |

    Great ideas for raffle auction prizes at an upcming charity event! Either way, thanks for sharing!

  283. Emily Smith
    Emily Smith at |

    What a fun giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!

  284. Dan F.
    Dan F. at |

    count me in. LOL

  285. David
    David at |

    my name is already on a box! Here’s to another year of traveling! Cheers!

  286. Michael
    Michael at |

    Really enjoy your original content!

  287. Alexander
    Alexander at |

    this is a great way to start New Years giveaway cleaning 🙂

  288. Artem
    Artem at |

    I love to travel and I love the travel memorabilia:)

  289. Bob B
    Bob B at |


    Is there going to be a box with my name on it?? Hope so!!

  290. maryE
    maryE at |

    Happy New Year! Love to win something. Thanks.

  291. Jenna O
    Jenna O at |

    Happy new year! 🙂

  292. Michael K
    Michael K at |

    Happy new year!

  293. TJ
    TJ at |

    Happy new year! Hope I got this in on time!