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  1. DaveS
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    Definitely a colorful and fun place and not hard to reach via transit – though it’s a distance out from the city center, so quite a few stops. Last time I was there I combined it with a visit to the Dolores Olmedo Museum (on the way), with its strong collection of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo works and thousands of pre-Hispanic figurines and sculptures. It’s at the La Noria station on the Tren Ligero which leads to Xochimilco.

  2. Chris Staab
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    I am with you Seth. Xochimilco is the coolest thing to do in Mexico City, although I am super careful about what I eat there as last year I was in bed for 4 days after a trip to Mexico City. I also recommend grabbing a coffee in Cafe Tacuba, which I think is the city’s oldest cafe, and then heading very close by to Bar Opera for a drink. Legend has it that this very old bar was shot up by Pancho Villa. These are both in the central historic area of the city.

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