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  1. Edward
    Edward at |

    Have any Americans “illegally” traveling to Cuba through Mexico, Canada, Europe, etc. been busted recently? No?

    Have you ever traveled to Cuba? No?

  2. DaveS
    DaveS at |

    Valid point, but the larger observation concerns scaling up tourism in general, which is certain to take time. Nothing that Obama announced will make it possible for Americans to just hop on a plane soon somewhere and land in Cuba. Doing third country trips is certainly possible, and probably won’t get you in hot water, but that adds cost and complexity that will keep most travelers out of the market for the present.

  3. Edward
    Edward at |

    Americans can quite easily fly to Havana with a brief stopover in Mexico or Canada. There has been significant tourism infrastructure across Cuba, including beach resorts, for decades catering to Europeans, Russians, Asians, Canadians, and quite a few Americans. Just no McDonalds or Hyatts.

    BoardingArea should focus on travel – and if a blogger is writing about a destination, they should be required to have been there at least once.

  4. jkealing
    jkealing at |

    Do you know what airlines had which routes prior to the break off in relations?