Aviation Geek Fest 2015 on sale Monday night!

I was fortunate to be able to attend the 2012 version of the Aviation Geek Fest in Seattle. Tickets for the 2015 version go on sale Monday Night and, quite frankly, I’m pretty upset that I cannot attend this year. The folks at AirlineReporter.com put on a spectacular event in partnership with the Future of Flight and Boeing and the event is absolutely worth attending if you can be in Seattle on the weekend of February 21/22. And if you can get tickets.

Space is limited (though more than tripled from when I attended) and seats are in high demand. So set your reminders now and be ready to go at 4pm PST Monday to get a chance at s spot in one of the tours.

The Saturday tour includes floor access at Boeing’s Everett facility where you can (figuratively) kick the tires on the wide-body aircraft as they roll through the assembly lines. The Sunday tour includes access to the very, very limited 737 assembly line in Renton. Full details on the schedule and ticket information is available here.

If you can manage to get to Seattle – and, more importantly, get a ticket – this is a spectacular #AvGeek event which you do not want to miss.

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Seth Miller

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