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  1. Beth
    Beth at |

    Hi Seth,
    Indeed, you’re correct. The spicy stew you and your friend spotted at one of the Noryangjin restaurants is for fish. If you purchase any kind of firm white fish (like flounder/monkfish/cod/sea bass/snapper), the spicy stew you saw is the traditional preparation. If you purchase blue crab, they can also be added to the stew. It’s called maeuntang – and soooo delicious! Worth ordering if you make a return trip to Seoul.

  2. turgutbey
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    I was just there in early december. I think I blundered my way into a great meal. Ended up purchasing flounder, which the guy killed and then cut half into sashimi and half for preparation upstairs. I ended up with the spicy fish stew, which was every bit as delicious as it looks.

  3. jason
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    Had a so-so experience here. The live octopus and other seafoods were pretty tasty but the Koreans are definitely not skilled in the sashimi arts. The way our sashimi were sliced made the flesh taste somewhat crunchy vs. what you would expect.