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  1. Gene
    Gene at |

    My guess is this will be a rebrand of the basic “Hyatt” hotels, like the Hyatt Mag Mile in Chicago (former Wyndham), Hyatt Escala Lodge in Park City, etc. Unfortunately will probably come with a category bump at those properties, too…

  2. Kevin
    Kevin at |

    That second “typical” image looks like a room I had at the Hyatt Times Square – perhaps one that will be rebranded?

    1. Dave
      Dave at |

      Yeah, looks like a lot of rebrands, saw a post on it about Paris Madeleine earlier http://www.pointsmd.com/hyatt-paris-madeleine-rebranded-as-new-hyatt-centric/

  3. carl
    carl at |

    Perhaps that is where the Hyatt Olive 8 in Seattle will be branded

  4. HansGolden
    HansGolden at |

    I think it would be absolutely awesome to have a slightly more upscale version of Aloft. Starwood has done the W/Aloft split and it’s awesome. I love Aloft and I like W. (I see Andaz/Centric split being similar.) I also love that it’s so destination focused. It feels like they’re bringing the good aspects of hostels to hotels. That’s awesome. That’s something you lose with hotels vs. hostels. The focus on location, location, location with lounges with destination information is wonderful and long overdue. I very much identify with the targeted demographic: a wanderer who pores over top 100 destination lists in spare time, makes must-see lists, loves to travel, love to explore, loves to do open-ended travel, loves great stories. I also love the emphasis on well-designed in-room tech: “guests can enjoy the in-room technologies designed to connect seamlessly with their devices and media”. That’s one of the things I love about Aloft: desks that have outlets on top and a whole plethora of TV inputs, network data jacks, etc, etc. Modern style, relatively inexpensive, very comfortable, super-functional, cool; that’s all Aloft stuff that I love. Add in the lounge and location and destination-focus information and I’m very, very excited about Hyatt taking Aloft up half a star and innovating with destination-focused, hostel-style stuff.

    Do you think we’ll see hotels like Olive 8 convert?

    Excellent concept that I’m very excited about!

  5. Better By Design
    Better By Design at |

    So, this is Andaz Lite? Still looks more upmarket than aloft, which could be W ultraLight?

    Seriously, how many brands do hotel companies need?

  6. gobluetwo
    gobluetwo at |

    I also question how “local” these hotels will be, unless they’re are retros of some of the boutiques already in the portfolio (do they have those?). The Ace Hotel brand is truly localized, if a bit bohemian.

  7. Kent C
    Kent C at |

    This is all gimmick and marketing. Nothing new here of any significance. I believe they decided to expand the Andaz portfolio. Giving them a new portfolio name just creates more buzz as you can see with all the bloggers on Boarding Area talking about it. I think everytime Hyatt opens a hotel they should rebrand it with a completely new name. Talk about attention. Some ideas, Hyatt “Yuppie” Seattle, Hyatt “Groovy” Haight-Ashbury, Hyatt “Aristocrat” Bel-Air. . . . .