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  1. AnonCHI
    AnonCHI at |

    American really needs to think about using DFW as an Asia hub. DFW is very poorly located in the US for connecting traffic. Sure, they might get a little LatAm connecting traffic but who on earth would want to connect at DFW instead of ORD or LAX? I’m biased being based in Chicago but I think AA is making a mistake and will lose a lot of connecting traffic to other airlines.

    See how cheaply DFW – HKG is priced on AA vs. other US non-stop routes or how empty DFW – ICN is.

  2. JL
    JL at |

    What new LAX asia routes do you predict AA to launch? PEK/ICN?

  3. DaninMCI
    DaninMCI at |

    DFW as a hub isn’t that bad of an idea for Asia traffic as there is significant Asian population in Texas. It’s also a warm weather hub unlike ORD but in reality I would assume any major airport on the West coast, NY, Chicago, Dallas and maybe Atlanta would all be viable for Asia routes.