Speculating on the AA 787 inaugural??

Most of the world seems convinced that American Airlines has picked a flight for its inaugural 787 operation. The only problem is that the carrier itself doesn’t seem ready to confirm that just yet. Of all the flights between DFW and O’Hare on 7 May 2015 the first flight of the day, AA2320, is the most booked. And the US Airways site is showing that it will be operated by the 787-8.


The AA website, on the other hand, still shows the flight operated by an A321. And also at slightly different flight times.


It is worth noting that 2320 is an MD80 on the schedule for the Wednesday and Friday surrounding the scheduled inaugural rather than the A321. That’s another hint suggesting this is the real deal.

Alas, efforts to clarify the situation via the company’s Twitter team were thwarted.

I’ve got a seat held on AA2320, hoping that there will be real confirmation it is the inaugural sooner than not. After all, the company did promise it would put the seats on sale today. I also have a seat held on another flight which I heard a rumor about being the inaugural, but I’m not betting on converting that into anything useful.

For those of you still considering joining the fun, the non-stop is crazy expensive now but a connecting flight onward may help with the numbers. I got DFW-ORD-Home for far less than what AA was asking for just DFW-ORD.

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