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  1. patricia
    patricia at |

    this is thoroughly impressive. first they can actually devalue a dynamically priced scheme by going from 1.7 to 1.4, then now they want to price high demand / last seats even higher ??

    why not just go with random quoting ? at least we won’t pretend there’s a system or logic behind their valuations.

    1. Better By Design
      Better By Design at |

      Agree fully – coming on the heels of DL hiding their award charts and basically telling you to trust the pricing engine, comes an eerily similar action from the last airline you’d expect to do something like Delta.

      Compared to how completely transparent RR *was* this is just perplexing. I mean, the existing fare structure already provided an incredibly strong carrot/stick approach to encouraging customers to redeem points early, for the cheapest fares… and now they’re somehow going to penalize those fares that are a bit *too* cheap?

      Very strange.

      1. atxtravel
        atxtravel at |

        As I noted on another blog comment, I think their liberal handout of the companion pass and CC signup bonuses bloated the ranks of people who’d effectively get 2x value out of their points. Imagine half the plane (or more) to a vacation destination, in peak season, not paying for their tickets, and using up half the intended miles on top of that.

        They could only make up for this by jacking up their paid fares, which they’ve been doing left and right, but that makes them un-competitive to people who want to pay cash and can fly another airline. So they got screwed twice.

        I suspect the upcoming devaluation will be precisely to curb the benefits of companion passes.

  2. DaveS
    DaveS at |

    I think they take a hit to their image as a “different” kind of airline. This smells a lot like Delta – making changes willy nilly without proper disclosure, leaving patrons not really knowing what their miles are going to be worth from one day to the next. I’m not sure why they want that “Oh, they’re really just like everyone else” feeling to sink in.