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  1. Steven
    Steven at |

    Well that’s one lifetime hotel status I won’t have anytime soon. That’s far more difficult to achieve than the lifetime status I have with Marriott and Starwood, even though I’ve got the 10 years of Diamond.

  2. BMA
    BMA at |

    Received notice this morning that card was being sent, though probably qualified years ago as I average 250+ days a year in a hotel room (split between M and HH). Received Marriott Lifetime Platinum the year they first came out. No big whoop, though the front desk peeps are particularly nice and very polite. Certainly took HH long enough…doubt they will distinguish between spend-based Diamond and Lifetime 😉

  3. Carl
    Carl at |

    Is there any place on their website to see the cumulative nights? I don’t see it, and can’t be bothered to call.

    For the most part Diamond isn’t all that much better than Gold