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  1. augias
    augias at |

    I agree about the seafood on United. To Europe they have a delicious Cioppino fish soup.
    However, their pasta (usually Ravioli) vegetarian entree is quite good too, whereas often it’s smart not to order pasta on flights. Of course, on Alitalia the pasta is spectacular (what do you expect?)
    I agree about the beef being usually not great.

  2. Alan
    Alan at |

    i got a 1150 W fare HKG LAX and both clears.. i am pretty happy about it as it is my last year as 1k as it is moving to revenue based which certainly hate leisure flyers like i am!!!

    i always have japanese meals whenever i fly to/from japan.

  3. 02nz
    02nz at |

    Mostly agree about the seafood. Unlike augias I’m not a fan of the cioppino, but the shrimp with julienned vegetables (have had it many times, not sure if it’s still part of the current menu though) was almost shockingly good. Mind you, not shockingly good for food, but shockingly good for United food.

  4. Levy flight
    Levy flight at |

    I have been wondering how to do a change to an upgradable fare. I have a GPU cleared SFO- LHR but only booked a K return. Turns out now I have a ton of GPUs and wondering how to get it applied. will I need to request a different route as part of a SDC and see if can be applied on a new flight. What’s ya secret?

  5. Levy flight
    Levy flight at |

    Thanks for the tip, appreciated!