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  1. evthu
    evthu at |

    This is really cool. I would love to see this for some other programs as well. In particular, Club Carlson, Hyatt, and Marriott.

    Again, really cool stuff.

  2. Andrew C
    Andrew C at |

    The effect is even more pronounced because, at the top end, most people aren’t really receiving $500+ in “value” since they’d never pay that much anyway; whereas at the bottom end, you really are trading off 3000 points for a $100 room because most anyone considering this would actually pay that.

  3. Travel Summary
    Travel Summary at |

    Really cool analysis. I expect this will be even more pronounced for Club Carlson!

  4. Haley
    Haley at |

    This sure matches my experience.
    So a 2% cash back option would steadily beat SPG points, at least for hotel redemptions, yes?

  5. BC
    BC at |

    Exellent post. This is a big YMMV thing but looking at a trip I’ve been researching, the research backs up what your saying. For example, in Bangkok:

    aloft is cat 2 @ 3000 points; about $100/night

    St Regis is cat 6 @ 25k point; about $225/night.

    This is a rough example but that being said, I can get about $800 in value by using those points at aloft vs. 1 night at St Regis worth $225. While this isn’t the Big Mac index where it’s a largely identical product everywhere on earth and there’s a vast difference between the two properties, the point is that I’m better off paying cash for St Regis and use points for aloft.

  6. UAPhil
    UAPhil at |

    This squares with my experience. Unfortunately, many of my favorite Cat 2 hotels moved to Cat 3 in the last couple of years….not surprising.

    Another “sweet spot” with Cat 3-5 is “fifth night free” awards. These move what would be a 2 cents/point redemption up to 2.5 cents/point – a much better value.

  7. stvr
    stvr at |

    Definitely have seen the same for Marriott and IHG (10,000 point rooms)

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