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  1. Oscar
    Oscar at |

    Great post! I have done the same in the past. Great experience!
    And the image of you wearing a Pestemal, HOOOOT!!!

  2. DebbieT
    DebbieT at |

    LOL… yup. Been there, done that – and it’s exactly as you described! My masseuse/scrubber woman used a giant pillowcase swung around to fill with air and then squeezed out the bubbles on me…. never felt my skin so soft. Ended by me sitting on a short stool and being doused by her with a bucket of cold water. BRISK!

  3. Dr. Wanderlust
    Dr. Wanderlust at |

    Had a very similar experience when I went and definitely the best bath ever!! I loved it, they also washed my hair, and did a massage after for me in a separate room. The environment is calming and after 2+ hours.. I came out feeling refreshed. I would definitely do it again.

    Check out my experience on my blog: The Longest and Best Bath Someone Else Gave Me