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  1. Garrett
    Garrett at |

    I’m unfamiliar with Korean, so forgive me for this, but… this new seat is first or business? I hope not first.

  2. Garrett
    Garrett at |

    Thanks for the reply. I’d be thrilled getting that as a first class seat on a smaller plane/shorter flight. I feel like seeing that called a “first class suite” aboard an A380 on a long-haul overseas flight would be kind of a letdown, though.

  3. Manny
    Manny at |

    DO you know if all the ICN-Hanoi flights have this new deployment already

  4. Lanny
    Lanny at |

    Do you know if there are any plans to put it in the A380? I didn’t see that in the post (or didn’t notice it at least). Thanks Seth.