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  1. Andy
    Andy at |

    Any guess as to how many additional flights the 2 gates can add for Southwest? It sounds like they will announce 9 new cities so I’m curious how many additional flights per day they can add with the 2 new gates.

  2. Better By Design
    Better By Design at |

    People in Memphis are pretty excited about getting 2X daily flights to LUV… hopefully timed for decent westward connections… and we’re definitely a market where AA has been mining high yields since DL stopped serving the route, so this should normalize things somewhat.

  3. swag
    swag at |

    The Dallas Morning News article on this says that “Southwest spokesman Brad Hawkins said the carrier “will continue the current accommodation that United made for Delta, which runs through July 6.””


  4. Joe
    Joe at |

    Any guess as to how much Southwest will pay United for the sublease?