Aviation, the Super Bowl and the TSA

Great football game last night. Lots of fun to watch as it came down to the final minute and truly was competitive throughout. But there was more than just football happening; there were a few aviation-related bits as well.

Take Doritos, for example. The company had two ads air during the game and both had an aviation angle, particularly the guy trying to keep that extra empty middle seat.

And I guess the rocket-powered pig is vaguely aviation related, though the wings looked far too small and minimal control surfaces for steering leaves me skeptical.

There was also the bit where Katy Perry was flying over the field buckled in to NBC’s “The More You Know” star. Does that seatbelt have the 16G crash-test rating??

Screen grab from NBC via sbnation.com

And, finally, there was this sign showing at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport for passengers leaving town.

The airport & the TSA were actively working to get passengers to keep game programs in their carry-on bags rather than putting them through as checked baggage. Why? Because apparently the programs can cause false positives in the bag scanning systems.


And this is not the first time the TSA has faced such issues. SXSW had similar issues in March 2014; seems like the TSA is trying to get ahead of the curve this time around, at least as much as it can.

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Seth Miller

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