Want to win a MILLION TrueBlue points?

It is rare that I would ever recommend being a points millionaire. To me that usually means you’re not spending them quickly enough. But if it comes as a result of winning those points, well, I’m all I favor of that. JetBlue is running a giveaway for the next 7 days offering up a MILLION TrueBlue points to one lucky winner. The main “catch” is that to win you must be enrolled in the programs Family Pooling option which means you need someone else also enrolled in the program with you. The good news about that “catch” is that you can also enter that person in the contest so you’re increasing your odds of winning.



Each person can register once daily for the contest between now an 18 February 2015. Next Thursday a winner will be chosen and given the MILLION points. Added bonus: The ARV specified in the contest T&Cs ($1000) is way below market rate for those points (~$13,000).

Seriously, go enter. Now.

UPDATE: T&Cs were changed at some point to be only one entry per person rather than once daily. So you still need to go enter but only the once, not each day.

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Seth Miller

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    1. Did you read that T&C link or just share it?? 😉

      “Limit one Entry per person/per email address/per day”

      But it is not working correctly. I reached out to some folks at JetBlue earlier this morning to see about getting it fixed. Not there yet, unfortunately.

        1. Same here-I entered last night but it wouldn’t let me do it this morning. Hopefully it didn’t disqualify me

      1. hey Seth-on the T/C page In BOLD… Is now this sentence: “Limit one Entry per person/per email address. Any attempt by any entrant to obtain more than the stated number of Entries by using multiple/different email addresses, identities, registrations and logins, or any other methods will void that entrant’s Entries and that entrant may be disqualified.”.

  1. 🙁

    Yeah…looks like the T&C changed. Such is life. I still got my entries in and now don’t need to worry about remembering to enter the next couple days.

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