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  1. Eugene
    Eugene at |

    I have a excel spreadsheet that I maintain of things I need to pack for a trip. I haven’t had to edit it in years, and I don’t necessarily bring everything for each trip. But it means I don’t leave things behind that I know I’ll need. I also agree that I tend to fill the bag for a trip. So now I have a few options for bag size so I don’t go overboard.

  2. DebbieT
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    From one of the Travel Girls facebook page, I’ve learned that my travel wardrobe was WAY too big, way too many colors, way too many options…. now, for a week-long cruise, I take a wheeled carryon. 3 black bottoms, 4 patterned tops, scarves to accessorize, 1 pair of cute shoes, 1 pair of comfy walking shoes, rain jacket, undies and essentials. Boom. Done. Everything matches, interchanges, and is easy to dress with fewer choices knowing I feel good and look presentable. And I include a nylon duffle inside to haul off dirty clothes and leave room in the wheeled carryon for any delicate souveniers I might buy. Laundry can always be done. Less is better for me, personally.

  3. Ms. M
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    Similar to DebbieT but I usually decide on a neutral color scheme for pants and I bring 3 of them. Ex: decide on black and blue (or brown and khaki/olive) and bring 3 bottoms in those colors and tops that could match each. I also find that I pack a white top because it matches everything. And I only pack cute shoes if they are comfortable; I have improved my skill at shopping for both so that has become easier to achieve. In addition, I pack bubble wrap on occasion for souvenirs.

    One carry-on and one personal bag – period. The purse goes in the personal bag if the purse is not the personal bag.