Etihad Residence (and A380) coming to JFK in December

Keeping with its previously announced plans, Etihad has officially put the A380 on its JFK schedule beginning 1 December 2015. A380 service will be offered on EY102/103 which is the westbound redeye (morning arrival in JFK) and mid-day eastbound departure. Sydney will still come online for A380 service first, however. Those flights are scheduled to start in June 2015.


For those keeping score at home, that’s a $32,000 one-way ticket, though it does cover two passengers so if you can find a friend to join you there are some potential efficiencies there. I was hoping to price a JFK-SYD fare on the A380 but the flights don’t line up properly in the Etihad schedule and the booking system isn’t so great with offering multiple options so I’m not sure what that adventure would cost short of just buying two one-way flights with the connection in Abu Dhabi. And that would cost a lot.


Still cheaper (by far) than flying private, but also still spectacularly expensive for a trip.

At a more reasonable level, this also means that the Apartment first class seats will be showing up and they have been available as award options from time to time so that could be a lot of fun.

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