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  1. augias
    augias at |

    about time!

  2. Better By Design
    Better By Design at |

    So UA is copying DL again with “upgraded bagels, salads, and oatmeal”?

    I guess the Limited Edition Salami is something new… I’m switching my loyalty now!

    On a more serious note, did UA follow DL into degrading elite lounge privileges (dropping guest access)? Yet?

  3. AA
    AA at |

    Perfect.. now we’ll have the opportunity to spend the flight in a sealed metal tube with people who have spent the last hour loading up on hard-boiled eggs. What’s next, baked beans & cabbage?

  4. Paul
    Paul at |

    the Chicago clubs have had the oatmeal for a few weeks. Trust me, this is not exciting news…….

    1. gobluetwo
      gobluetwo at |

      The T2 club at ORD has had oatmeal since it opened. My UC membership expired in Dec 2013 and I fondly recall having several bowls of oatmeal with brown sugar, cinnamon, yellow raisins, and nuts over multiple visits.

  5. Rami
    Rami at |

    I hope it is gluten free oatmeal.