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  1. Matthew
    Matthew at |

    Looks like you received a business class meal from CDG-IST.

  2. DWT
    DWT at |

    The first meal does look like a regular economy meal. In comparison, on BA’s transatlantic Premium Economy (World Traveller Plus), the main courses actually come off the business class menu and is served in a ceramic dish, with the remainder of the tray being the same as regular economy. (The pre-arrival meal/snack is the same as economy as well.)

  3. baccarat_guy
    baccarat_guy at |

    Excellent report, but my only comment to :
    “Given the quality and speed I’d say skipping it is generally a better idea if you can get a meal before heading to the airport (or somehow manage to find something edible in T1)” – is that Air France has a most excellent (new) lounge at T1 JFK. Perhaps, one of the best SkyTeam lounges globally, with exception to the La Première or other SkyTeam first lounges (but, this is really just a business class, SkyTeam Elite+) lounge. My visit in December was quite a shock, right after that lounge opened. I was quite surprised at the food and beverage presentations. Of course, I do understand you would need access (SkyTeam Elite+) or business class; but we all know that SkyTeam Elite+ is not that hard of a status to “game.” 🙂