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    […] is. This change raises the rates more often than it lowers them, at least based on the data I have. It makes Wyndham Rewards points less valuable on average. The 14k and 16k rooms I exclude because the numbers are close enough, both in points required […]

  2. asar
    asar at |

    At last someone talks sense. Wyndham has a lot of good properties outside USA for 8K to 10K. They all increase; yet they get all this press. Masterstroke, I say.

  3. atxtravel
    atxtravel at |

    How much were those 8k – 10k properties in cash prices? If they’re dirt cheap I can just pay for them, get my minimum 1k a night points and spend on more expensive locations.

    We’re all trying to save at the top end, in locations where hotels are $100+ per night, and that’s where this change comes in handy.

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  5. Ben
    Ben at |

    The flaw in this argument is how Hotel Hustle does its search results. Looking at a hypothetical search in Chicago, for example, the two hotels downtown are 20,000 and 30,000 points apiece and one hotel near Wrigley/Northalstead for 20,000 points. Those would be the only three that I (and I’m imagining most others) would be interested in.

    The other hotels are extremely far removed from Chicago, none near an El station, yet are still listed on the Hotel Hustle site. There is a hotel in Michigan that’s a 90 mile drive from Chicago! I guarantee most people searching for Chicago are not going to look at hotels in Michigan; they are going to zoom in to downtown Chicago and *maybe* the immediate 5-10 mile area around it.

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  7. Jerry Mandel
    Jerry Mandel at |

    Can you get a listing of the Wyndham 15K “participating properties” for us?

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    […] ranging from 5500 points needed per night all the way up to 50,000 points per night.  According to the Wandering Aramean blog, if you look at the number of hotels at each level, the 15,000 points / night number still keeps […]