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  1. Geoff
    Geoff at |

    This latest series of SkyMiles avaibility(or not) has been very informative. Unfortunately, it also confirmed what I thought. Using these things are challenging.
    As an aside, given the almost total lack of available low level seats, who is filling them?
    Do people actually use SkyMiles at the higher(much) levels?
    Are people actually buying them with cash? I imagine these business seats run upwards of $10,000 to SYD.
    Does DAL hold them back far out and subsequently lower the point requirements closer in so those with much more flexibility to last minute travel can gobble them up?
    All of the above?

  2. TJ
    TJ at |

    You forgot to mention Virgin Australia, which was and is sometimes is showing almost 4 seats per flight even in December.

  3. Gary Leff
    Gary Leff at |

    Delta has added fuel surcharges to awards on several partners, not just ex-Europe, for instance they also add YQ to China Eastern awards and Air Tahiti Nui awards originating in the US. That’s not new.

  4. Andy Shuman
    Andy Shuman at |

    The glitch was HAVING VA availability, not the other way around. Delta seems to have “fixed” it because even though VA availability seemed plentiful, it would always error out from what I heard.

    However, KE flights still show a lot of availability to SYD later in summer and fall. Whether it’s also a phantom, I don’t know, because in case with VA, the site would error out AFTER you enter the payment information.

  5. Matt
    Matt at |

    VA seems to alternate from “very easy to get” to scarce periodically. When we booked, it was easy. Not long after, it was hard. Then easy again. Rnjoyablr airline to fly if you can get the seats.

  6. Erik
    Erik at |

    So glad that I booked our dream trip to AU for my family of 4 in biz last year on VA. I suspected that DL couldn’t be trusted and all the SkyMiles news since I made my booking in Aug2013 has been mostly on the negative side. Our VA flights were very enjoyable and I was able to benefit from the pre-2015 allowed stopover rule to have an additional segment on VA inside Australia. It cost me 620K SkyMiles but it was totally worth it.