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  1. Kendall
    Kendall at |

    How is the passenger “free to decide what they buy” when there are only a handful of airlines left?
    If one airline dominates a route?

  2. Corey
    Corey at |

    That picture, is that the 23″ pitch seats or the 27″? I’m trying to visualize.

  3. robbo
    robbo at |

    Disgusting. And let’s watch the equally disgusting US carriers fighting over who gets it first. It’s getting to a point where governments have to start stepping in about the lack of humane treatment all driven by billions of dollars of profits by these carriers. Never! Ever! for me.

  4. Frequent Traveller
    Frequent Traveller at |

    Hi Seth ! Thanks for joining the buzz ! Airbus talk about enhancement of the egress flows @ A320 exit doors 1 and 3, but there has been no geometry changes to those doors. From where, how come, the pretended “enhancement” ? Circumstantial hype, folks, plain hype ! In real life emergency evacuation full scale demos, what you observe is that the escape egress flow – for whatever reason – naturally pressures onto the mid-cabin (overwing) twinned Type III escape exits, which shortly after the initial “GO, GO, GO !” end up bottlenecked, so the scared passengers redirect their search for a solution towards doors 1 or 3, moving upstream in the aisles creating chaos, panic and jamming … ’cause you move through an aisle pax density now culminating to an agonising six pax in each 27″ x 19″ = 3.56 sq.ft … that’s why Airbus are shying the live demo : it can’t be done !