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  1. GringoLoco
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    Two thumbs up!

  2. abby
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    i fail to see the utility in this. all it does is show you where cash prices are high at a given time. so what… so you can travel to a city at peak pricing to feel good about your cpp? all it’s going to do is serve as a calendar for when key events jack local cash prices: kentucky derby, trade shows, rivalry football games, etc. and if, by chance, you stumble into one of these situations, the take away is, ummm…. duh… when cash prices are high, check to see what’s available with points.

    HH has promise. if you’re going to spend time working on it, work on getting full results in cities. last month i checked it and many hotels didn’t show up in the asian cities i checked. kinda like your airline distance tools: their results ignore many major destinations on both the UA and BA tools. because of that, GC is a much better option. you also need to do something about the size of the icons for usability. maybe just a colour coded legend with coloured radius circles laid over a map showing all cities. assume Green= 4500, Orange= 7500. then, when a city is on a border (ie: KUL-PNH), hoovering over the city dot (PNH) will display the city name in the correct colour for 4500 BA points, whilst BKK will obviously be well into the Orange circle.

    in case my comments are being misunderstood: i applaud and appreciate the effort you put into creating original content tools. just trying to give constructive feedback.