Buy Avianca LifeMiles below 1.5 cents each

Even if you’re not in to all the tricks and games which made the Avianca LifeMiles program famous (and most of which are much, much harder to execute on now) the program offers a number of sweet spots in its award chart. And until the end of the day on Tuesday, May 26, buying miles comes at a very, very attractive price. On top of the relatively often seen 2-for-1 deal there is an additional 25% bonus. That brings the final price to 1.467 cents per point, pretty much the lowest ever.

No progressive bonus scheme or other games; just a straight up 1.467cpm purchase price on LifeMiles through tomorrow evening.

If ever you were considering buying LifeMiles just because it seems like a good idea then this is probably the time to do it. Of course, I strongly recommend AGAINST just randomly buying miles speculatively, even when they are selling at a low price like this. If you don’t know what to use them for or you don’t have a specific trip in mind you’ll probably end up spending more than you should or disappointed in the search results when the time comes to make the booking and take the trip. But there are some interesting possibilities out there with rates this low.

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Seth Miller

I'm Seth, also known as the Wandering Aramean. I was bit by the travel bug 30 years ago and there's no sign of a cure. I fly ~200,000 miles annually; these are my stories. You can connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.