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  1. Jay
    Jay at |

    Great work Seth! It’s a shame this is even necessary though. I have had an initial look and checked the chart to various destinations. Looks good so far. Thanks!

  2. Charlie
    Charlie at |

    Great work, Seth! A real resource, though it is a shame you had to do it.

  3. Nick
    Nick at |

    What would be really great is a grease monkey script to show you what you “should” pay as you search on Delta.com. But this is pretty useful as is.

  4. Nick
    Nick at |

    Also I suspect Delta won’t like this one little bit.

  5. Joey
    Joey at |

    Great idea! Thx for this — but what does NL/OL/OD, etc. mean?

  6. murtuza
    murtuza at |

    @Seth:Seems Delta is continuously changing the price for short haul. I see the price between sfo-lax is reset to 9500 sky pesos for N class. This was 5000 a few days ago 🙁

  7. Allison S.
    Allison S. at |

    Once again brilliant work.

  8. Ryan E
    Ryan E at |

    Awesome, thanks for doing this Seth!

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  10. Adam
    Adam at |

    Wow, I thought Delta was pretty awful before, but looking at those, I had to ask myself, “Are those REALLY one-way award prices?!?”

    United is pretty stingy, too, but dang, those Delta award prices make UA award prices look like veritable bargains. I mean, Delta business class starting at 80K one way?! For comparison, LAX-NRT (a reasonably comparable distance w/ LAX-CDG)… in an SQ *SUITE* starts at *74K*.

  11. Sam
    Sam at |

    1. The chart shows 80,000 miles for US to France in Business Class, but I find one way awards for 62,500 miles. What is the actual amount for the lowest level?

    2. Could you display the award charts, or at least the one for the lowest level award in each class?

    Thanks very much.

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