And the Airlines Respond to SCOTUS

No surprise that US-based airlines have responded quickly and almost universally positively to this morning’s SCOTUS ruling on marriage. And I suppose I should not be too surprised at how they responded, though watching my twitter feed scroll by I have to say I am a tiny bit. Nearly everyone is participating in celebrating the decision, but the “how” of those those statements and where they come from in the company which is an interesting read.


Press Release


Press Release


Press Release

Alaska Airlines


And then…

And there are more.

Turns out that rather than just pushing a company statement the folks at JetBlue are letting their crewmembers do the talking. And that’s a very, very powerful message to send. Because while it is great that the companies are all supportive of the efforts it really matters when the front line gets to express those feelings. And, yes, I know there is some filtering going on there. But it still just feels better. At least to me.

Oh, and Virgin America has been strangely quiet on the topic. Oops.

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Seth Miller

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  1. Nice collection. I posted this page on some airlines FB pages as response to negative comments like: “I guess I won’t be flying AA/UA/DL/Southwest…etc.” anymore and I wrote: “I guess you’d have to walk from now on and live in a cave.”

  2. I flew AA two weeks ago and was impressed to see one of the movie themes in their inflight entertainment was “Pride Month”, which included roughly 6-7 films with an LGBT theme (Brokeback Mountain, Behind the Candelabra, The Hours, Mildred Pierce, etc.) I don’t think I’ve ever seen that in any airline’s IFE before! Wow! Kudos to AA.

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