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  1. Rob
    Rob at |

    O’Hare is planning to have two A380 capable gates by mid-2016. Runways 10C and 28C along with neighboring taxiways are already capable of handling an A380.



  2. Indy
    Indy at |

    What about UA’s Denver hub?

  3. Nick
    Nick at |

    The only time using a 380 makes sense is in resource constrained airports. If using a 380 allowed multiple flights to be consolidated and thus free up slots, gates etc for other routes. I don’t think any UA hubs fit this description, except perhaps Heathrow? Would putting a 380 on say Newark and Chicago to London allow them to add service to other cities? I think it’s unlikely they would want to do this.

  4. Tom
    Tom at |

    I’m not sure it matters much with Jet A where it is today, but the A380 also has four engines and so, with only something like 500 passengers, it isn’t as efficient per passenger seat-mile as several of the two-engine alternatives. Getting the planes for free would help, though. A lot.

  5. Nick
    Nick at |

    I think one could safely assume it will be a high density configuration at least in the back. The A380 is certified for over 850 passengers. Expect 11 across in the back. It can be efficient in the high density configuration. Perhaps they see this as a way they can compete against the Norwegian and the Gulf carriers…

  6. Danny
    Danny at |

    It will have showers and a bar as well! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Jason
    Jason at |

    United + A380 = evil. Pure evil (for economy at least)
    I really haven’t flown economy A380 where I feel the service didn’t suffer…and UA isn’t exactly market leader in this category.

    1. David
      David at |

      Upper deck, rear Y on SQ 380, SFO-SIN was one of my best economy flying experiences. Cant imagine UA offering the same layout but if they did, I think they will attract more customers than a plane with more dense seating.

      1. eponymous coward
        eponymous coward at |

        I imagine if they gave free ponies in economy they’d attract customers too. And it’s about as likely as buying two A380s for the fleet.

  8. James
    James at |

    What about SFO – LHR?

    1. 02nz
      02nz at |

      I was thinking the same thing – SFO to LHR a bit shorter than FRA and is also part (if I’m not mistaken) of the joint venture with Lufthansa. However, the current R/T flight time with a 747-400 is 23 hours, which would be similar with an A380. That leaves 3 hrs total to do two turns if the goal is to use one plane for a daily roundtrip on this route – and that may be too little margin for error even though it should be doable when everything goes right.

  9. George
    George at |

    I wonder if they are looking at going back to AKL? Would be tight with a single plane, and the turn around times back from AKL are late afternoon/evening, but they could add a 5th freedom flight to SYD/MEL to fill the day. There are definitely A380 gates at AKL. Plenty of demand on the routes to NZ, and also on the trans-Tasman. Would be about time AirNZ had some competition.

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