DLD 87: With a Globetrotting Guest

So, are FF members who redeem for “bad” awards morons or just selfishly opportunistic? That’s one of the lines of conversation on this week’s show and it is augmented with an interesting angle, a special guest.

Zepps in his Etihad Apartment

Zepps in his Etihad Apartment

We like to have guests on the show because it means you, our wonderful listeners, get to hear a different perspective on the travel experience. And this week our guest is Josh Zepps, a host on HuffPostLive and a spectacularly opinionated and well traveled guy. With him on the call we’ve got a bunch of new reports on premium travel experiences, including Etihad Apartments, Virgin Australia TPAC and a few more. He also has some pretty strong opinions about a few other topics we discussed, namely the recent changes to the Delta SkyMiles program including the devaluation of the premium awards.

You can also find Josh hosting the new podcast #WeThePeople LIVE at www.wtplive.com or @WTP_live where he and his celebrity guests (yeah, he gets real celebrities and we just get him) put an entertaining spin on the news.

Enjoy the show (and see if you can figure out which segment got edited out to avoid awkwardness)!


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Seth Miller

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