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  1. NB
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    The reaction from almost all politicians, with the exception of those with constituencies near Gatwick, is militantly negative. What’s more Zac Goldsmith (the likely Conservative candidate for London mayor, and current MP) has repeated that he will resign and trigger a by-election should London be chosen. Given the Government’s extremely slender majority, they will move Heaven and earth to avoid that happening.

    The chances of a go-ahead in this decade are very slim – and the process will take at least 10 years after a go-ahead is given.

  2. Alex
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    Zac Goldsmith is hardly a rock solid supporter of the government so I don’t think they mind him triggering a by election, especially as that will happen again if he is elected mayor. The Heathrow question has been pushed into the long grass for too long and Cameron doesn’t want another term so he might actually do something this time. There is no realistic alternative and a runway must be built somewhere. It’s been over 60 years since the last one in Londom.

  3. Nick Piggott
    Nick Piggott at |

    Meanwhile the 85% of the UK who live in ‘the regions’ (outside the M25 London Orbital Motorway) will continue to do what we’ve done for years, and use AMS, FRA, CDG, MUC, BRU, EWR, PHL, DXB, DOH, IST etc. as our hubs for long and short haul.

    The group who gets disproportionate benefit from a third runway are BA, and everyone else tails far behind that.