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  1. Rob
    Rob at |

    Seth: I’m a full time lobbyist in DC. It’s shocking to see the army of lobbyists that the US3 are paying to spread their misinformation.

  2. Trevor
    Trevor at |

    I think you put a great point on it, Seth. The amount of money being spent on this, right, wrong, misguided, or otherwise, is money that could be used for better purposes, ultimately better for passengers, as well as shareholders.

    Of the money that is being spent though, it has sounded to me from the beginning, like the US3 created this argument after a few too many adult beverages, without having it properly murderboarded. I mean, just as you say – the US Government can’t help them without significant loss in position. The only logical approach I can think of, is that the US3 are demanding a lot in hopes for some compromise, however, given the lack of thinking in the arguments, I feel like that may be giving them too much credit.

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