SPG’s (not really) richest Sheraton promotion

Starwood Preferred Guest rolled out a new summer promotion this morning, SPG Sheraton Free Weekends, branding it “our richest SPG Sheraton promotion in the history of the program.” And, while that might be legally true, it seems to miss a bit when looking back at the history of what promotions have been offered in the past.


The SPG Sheraton Free Weekends promotion runs through 30 September and allows for one free weekend night to be earned for each five nights stayed in a Sheraton property during the promo period. The free nights can be redeemed at any Sheraton (Cat 1-7) with an expiry of 13 December 2015. Earning is capped at three free nights earnt for 15 nights stayed.

The promo is decent enough, I suppose. I wouldn’t go out of my way to book a Sheraton property on a 5:1 earning ratio and limited redemption timeframe but if the price is right or the stays are already booked it is a nice little extra. It even stacks on top of the Make It Count promo which is running through the end of August. That’s all cool. But the 5:1 earning rate is far from the best SPG has ever offered overall. In years (eras, perhaps) past there were much more lucrative deals like stay 2, get 1 free. But those were open to all hotels in the brand, not just the Sheraton properties. So even if one stayed only at Sheratons on those “richer” promos this one is still the richest Sheraton promotion. On a technicality.

Definitely register for it because you never know when a few extra points or award nights might materialize for doing nothing more than what you would have anyways. But also remember to not always believe the hype.

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  1. It’s better than anything Marriott is offering which is nothing. But the Dec 15 expiry date isn’t much worth to me. Crucially before any good ski or winter escape periods.

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