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  1. Hendrik
    Hendrik at |

    The SK IAH-SVG route seems to be missing 🙂

  2. Ed
    Ed at |

    It’s only one route, but MS JFK-CAI is missing.

  3. Ed
    Ed at |

    Also MS YYZ-CAI…:-)

  4. Lack
    Lack at |

    FYI: LO is not part of the LH Group :-). Just sharing the M&M program.

    1. Lack
      Lack at |

      Edit: and they fly to YYZ/ORD/JFK and not IAD (yet?)

  5. Andy
    Andy at |

    Is Ethiopian LAX-DUB still operating?

  6. dennis
    dennis at |

    LH delayed PTY to your 2016 edition.

  7. Paul
    Paul at |

    What about BOG-MAD on avianca?

  8. patricia
    patricia at |

    TAP flies LIS-VCP and LIS-CNF (Belo Horizonte) too I think (that’s the TAP/Azul tie up right there)

    if you’re counting south american flights, there’s CA’s GRU-MAD (as part of GRU-MAD-PEK) and SQ’s GRU-BCN (as part of GRU-BCN-SIN)

    LX also flies ZRH-GRU IIRC

    1. Oliver2002
      Oliver2002 at |

      TP did CNF since ages!

  9. beltway
    beltway at |

    Thanks for (re)doing this.

    Are the starred AC flights Rouge/seasonal? It’s probably worth a line making that explicit, at either the top or bottom of the table.

  10. RNE
    RNE at |

    You missed LH FRA-CLE. Oh, wait. Never mind. 😉

  11. Bruno
    Bruno at |

    Avianca also operates BOG-BCN.
    An even smaller detail: the chart title stills says Rouge instead of Avianca

  12. Helen S
    Helen S at |

    Great list. I had been compiling a limited list, and yours is so much better. Thanks!

    Just a suggestion: It would be easier to sort and search if the N American/S America airports were all in one column and the Europe airports were all in the other.

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