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  1. James K.
    James K. at |

    Fine by me. I did decently as a Delta silver, but with the MQD requirement there’s no way my wife and I can both make status. However, this way we still get some F action

  2. RaflW
    RaflW at |

    I suspect part of the revenue growth in C+ is also because Delta ‘enhanced’ away free EC/C+ for Gold members on domestic and the 50/25% discount on EC/C+ in advance for Gold/Silver respectively on international. OK, so it’s free close to departure, but who’s gonna risk that on a 9 hour segment?

    The other way they’ve grown C+ revenue is more C+ seats, mostly at the expense of pitch in the rest of Y. It really is getting to the point that standard coach is truly miserable for segments over 3 hours by cramming us in, thus forcing more C+ revenue. Great business plan, lousy flight experience in Y.

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  4. Nick
    Nick at |

    So the maths isn’t quite as simple as they make it out to be. Sure they are upgrading less and selling/upselling more business/first class. But they have evidently lost some platinum and above level fliers based on the free platinum they are giving out freely as of late. However the loss of these fliers wont show on the balance sheet until there is a dropoff in travel. Or maybe they feel it now but it’s just a blip which they won’t advertise. United is in the same boat. Rah Rah making millions upselling first, but they have lost a few customers if they are honest and can track their customer data which I assume they can.

    Perhaps the playing field has permanently changed. The days of putting in a 100K miles on a carrier to make sure you get the upgrades may be gone. I have a Southwest companion pass these days which certainly saves a lot. And based on some conversations I’ve had I’m not the only one. If United was handing out upgrades like they used to (80%+ upgrade rate etc) I would still put in 100K miles with them, but they don’t and so I don’t stay loyal.

  5. Nick
    Nick at |

    They don’t provide the data on elites so the only ones who know if they have a drop in elite traffic are them. And perhaps they don’t even care. My point is they provide this data as all upside, but there must be some elite attrition. Am I the only flyer who re-evaluated his/herloyalty when I saw my upgrade percentage drop from above 80 percent to around 20 percent. With the economy doing and loads factors high this won’t hurt them at this point anyway.

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