A few days in Antigua

Pretty flowers are always fun

Last week had me called away on a quick, last minute work trip to Antigua. The country just inaugurated a new terminal at V. C. Bird International Airport and I was one of a handful of media invited in to cover the event. Of course, there was more to the trip than just the airport. Part of that was because there were no flights off the island for a couple days so I had to console myself with challenging mornings of sitting on the beach or afternoons sipping rum drinks while watching the sun set. Along with sitting through a 4+ hour opening ceremony featuring many, many political speeches about topics I only now understand having asked my hosts to explain them to me. Politics in small nations is incredibly personal, it turns out.

Panorama of Turners Beach @ Johnson's Point, Antigua
Panorama of Turners Beach @ Johnson’s Point, Antigua

The ceremony also featured a number of performances, including pan drums (aka steel drums), a dance performance and my personal favorite, King Onyan singing Stand Up For Antigua. The tune is catchy and the crowd joined in, singing along in the chorus to celebrate their country. It was much fun. It also served as a great background line to piece together this video of my time on the island.



And, because I have them, a bunch of photos from Antigua as well:

Thanks to the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Board for making this trip happen.

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