JetBlue Brings Back Mosaic Challenge

JetBlue is, once again, offering up an elite status challenge for its TrueBlue program. Normally Mosaic qualification requires $5000 of airfare in a calendar year; under the challenge Mosaic status can be had for $1250 spend over a 90 day period. For travelers with bursts of activity rather than an even spread across the year this promotion could be an easy way to snag the status tier.


Mosaic is a mixed bag of benefits. No free upgrades are offered, mostly because the company doesn’t have first class cabins on the vast majority of its aircraft. But the status does include 2 free bags and a waiver of all change fees, in addition to increased earning on JetBlue travel. I love the fee waivers personally; that has been my favorite elite benefit for a long time. I know others feel differently about it but I focus mostly on the ability to book speculatively for future travel and save money over time with that approach. And, given JetBlue’s new fare structures where everything is for sale that level of flexibility (and the bags) clocks in around $100/ticket. If you’re going to be doing a decent bit of JetBlue travel anyways then getting the extra value from the Mosaic status probably isn’t a bad play.

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As for me, I’ve got ~$400 already booked in the challenge period and a pretty good chance another $330 will happen. Had the challenge launched a couple weeks earlier I’d be done but the $600 trip I had at the beginning of the month doesn’t count. That’s a bummer.

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Seth Miller

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  1. crazy idea but rather than actually having to do a mileage run why not just rebook one of your flights at the last minute and pay more thereby qualifying for the mosaicchallenge and achieving the spend requirement. Unless you actually want to travel somewhere else and want to spend the extra money on another ticket. I know sacrilegious. Hehe.

    1. You can just book a more expensive fare to start if that’s your thing. But, like most other elite status tiers, paying a lot extra to get there is rarely a good idea. Keeping track of what the costs to get “there” are is a key component of making smart decisions with this stuff.

  2. Hmmm. Only flown B6 once (FLL-SJO) and was impressed, mostly by avoiding MIA.

    I have thought of trying out Mint but when I look for fares (e.g., MCO-LAX), it will show connections via JFK and there is a box on the right telling me to click “Business or First Class” to see Mint fares.

    That always errors out.

    So I try it the “other way”, just clicking on the flight, then selecting seats. When I select the Mint seats, it tells me to go back and search for Mint fares.

    Start/stop/go back/rinse/repeat.

    Any clues how to book something like this as a thru-fare rather than P2P?


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