And I got in trouble for bringing my own beer on board

The airBaltic 737 I got in trouble for BYOB on back in 2014

But at least I wasn’t one of the airBaltic crew removed from a flight this morning under suspicion of being too drunk to operate the aircraft. The carrier’s official statement:

The Latvian airline airBaltic regrets to inform that its flight BT7843 from Oslo, Norway, to Chania on the Greek Island of Crete was delayed by 4:45 hours due to its crew removed from operating the flight. According to the currently available information, four out of five crew are under initial suspicion for alcohol abuse, and they are now undergoing a careful medical examination to determine the actual blood alcohol levels.


UPDATE: airBaltic video statement now released as well.


The airBaltic 737 I got in trouble for BYOB on back in 2014
The airBaltic 737 I got in trouble for BYOB on back in 2014

As for bringing my own beer on board, that was on a Riga-Vilnius flight a couple years back. Everything is buy on board anyways and perhaps I stretched BoB into BYOB. Not surprisingly the FAs were none too pleased when they figured out what we were doing. But at least they were sober enough to notice. And, yes, I expected to get caught on that one.

Also of slight interest, it seems that this was a charter flight of sorts; BT7843 is not in the published timetable anywhere I can see.

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  1. BYOB is pretty much no go on any airline, we got busted for that on sxm-iad in 2007.

    1. Oh, I knew it was not going to be accepted. I was just wondering if we’d get caught.

  2. Tried a couple of times and failed. Just easier to have a couple of free drinks on aboard (or pay if travelling with a low cost airline). What was the outcome of the blood levels? Too high?

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