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    I love that Google is suspicious of these too… I’ve never paid for one, but I do look occasionally, which I’m sure is half the point.

    Based on the numbers of miles/points they’re asking for, I’m pretty confident that they aren’t losing on offering these experience packages in terms of cost – and besides, they probably are getting these seats, etc as part of an overall sponsorship deal of the event.

    That said, the number of them being flogged nowadays is making them all a bit less distinct. And your point about knowing the customer is spot on… if they could really micro-target offers accurately, they might reclaim the unique special aspect of them.

    I’d also highly suggest that companies start ASKING their customers what kind of events they’d like to go to… or offer bidding for events that they’ll execute on organizing if they get to a ‘reserve price’ and see what the crowd actually wants. Now I’ve just created a new business idea…