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  1. Mark
    Mark at |

    I read to the bottom and was surprised by the abrupt ending of the post…was expecting suggestions or something.

  2. JL
    JL at |

    I’m not sure your entry into the conversation helped much, especially with a slightly combative attitude. It seemed to put the AA twitter team on the defensive (starting your tweet w “But will you admit..” will do that for you), and diverted attention away from her potential misconnect.

    You could have pointed out the relevant oneworld policy right off the bat. So, she could have more information when talking to AA herself. I don’t see what’s wrong with AA cutting you off, since you were not traveling with her.

  3. DeltaPoints ✈️ (@DeltaPoints)
    DeltaPoints ✈️ (@DeltaPoints) at |

    Then again you did not mention a fellow BA blogger corrected Delta and they then tweeted out the correct info:
    But nice edit work on the tweets!

  4. Tom McCallum
    Tom McCallum at |

    My own experience of AA on Twitter has been excellent. They are definitely my “go to” on delayed / misconnecting flights. They have, several times, protected me / rebooked me while I’ve still been on the ground on a tarmac delay.

    Now, recently I was trying to rebook my son using their twitter account (while he was in a rebooking line at an airport for over two hours). Unfortunately their policy won’t let them actually take action unless the person on the booking is tweeting them. Fair enough, and good to know in future.

  5. J
    J at |

    How about when a social media team enforces a policy that’s in direct violation of DOT rules? Any recourse other than filing a DOT complaint?

  6. J
    J at |

    Sorry, I should have clarified. AA doesn’t offer 24 hour courtesy holds for US Air flights booked on AA.com. After booking I wanted to cancel and rebook as a better routing had opened up for the same price. I was advised on multiple fronts that it was nonrefundable, despite travel being well over a week away (DOT sets a 7+ day threshold for 24 hour rule) and the ticket being booked less than 24 hours ago. This was all said to me after they confirmed that US Air flights cannot be put on 24 hour courtesy hold either by phone or on AA.com.

    “This guidance also clarifies that the Department’s Office of Aviation Enforcement and Proceedings … considers the failure to notify such consumers of the 24-hour reservation requirement to be unfair and deceptive in violation of 49 U.S.C. § 41712. It also considers the failure to offer a passenger a full refund in the original form of payment in the event of a cancellation request covered by the 24-hour reservation requirement to be an unfair and deceptive practice.”


  7. Matt
    Matt at |

    Can you post a link to the AA policy for accommodation on OW flights? I was certain I’d seen it on their website before but couldn’t find it when I looked last week.